Rent Toyota Yaris

Daily rate 120 USD
Weekly rate 750 USD
Monthly rate 1800 USD
  • Medium Hatchback
  • 5
  • 1.3
  • 1 Big and 2 Small
  • 5
  • Auto


You’d think the Toyota Yaris is still a small car. Look closely! The Toyota Yaris makes a significant car rental due to its reformed shape and added power. You can rest assure when renting the Toyota Yaris that it can easily fit 5 passengers and 1 big luggage and a small one. The Toyota Yaris car rental makes an adequate choice for comfort seating, calm drives, and a little bit of groovy looks. Renting a Toyota Yaris isn’t even close to what people perceived it as before. The suitable hatchback entered the market bigger and stronger. At Yes Sure Car Rental, our job is to offer you the total package when it comes to renting a Toyota Yaris by ensuring quality for complete satisfaction.

Redesigning the Toyota Yaris paid off well, the beautiful hatchback is powerful enough to drive you almost to any convenient destination. The Yaris is equipped with a 1.3 litre 4-speed automatic engine bringing you a total of 85 horsepower. Features found in the Toyota Yaris are ABS and EBD, Power Windows, Power Steering, Power Mirrors, Central Door Lock, AUX/USB input, Anti-theft alarm.


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