Rent Mazda 3

Daily rate 140 USD
Weekly rate 825 USD
Monthly rate 2200 USD
  • Mid-Size Sedan
  • 4
  • 1.6
  • 1B 2S
  • 5
  • auto


One of the most efficient rentals in its category, the all new Mazda 3 car rental serves as a pioneer in the medium sedan class. Redesigned in the past year the Mazda 3 car rental is more attractive with the new uplift design including interior features such as a roomier front-seat area, spacious cabin and an “organ-style” accelerator pedal. Although it is considered as a midsize sedan, renting the Mazda 3 feels more powerful than the rest of its competitors due to its high compression and sensibly adjusted exhaust systems providing upmost power while consuming maximum efficiency. The Mazda 3 car rental produces a lovely combination between a stylish design and an efficient driving experience.

Aggressive front grille, gentle curves and a sporty look, the Mazda 3 comes with a 1.8 litre 6-speed automatic engine having a total of 155 horsepower. Other specs included are ABS, Power Steering, Power Mirror, Power Windows, Cruise control, AUX/USB Input and Rear Parking Sensors.


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