A must for everyone who is visiting UAE. A memory to share with your family and friends back home, This is one safari you cant do back home. We recommend it highly and it will be worth every penny spend !


A Hatta tour is a half-day affair that will take you through the hidden beauty of the Hajar mountains and the rustic charm of the old Hatta Villages that are around the area.

The adventure starts with a trip to the Hajar mountains, located in the eastern part of the UAE. Riding our specially outfitted 4×4 vehicles, our experienced drivers will take you through rocky wadis and beautiful natural springs, allowing you brief glimpses of majestic rock formations.

Discover the lush beauty of the green landscape within the confines of the mountain, where it hides the wonders it has grown over the years. )

You will visit the internationally-renowned Hatta Fort, which was originally built in the 16th century. After a lunch at the Fort Hotel, you will continue the tour, with a visit of the Hatta Water Dam, where you can take dramatic pictures of the landscape.

At end of the trip you will visit the Carpet Market, where you can look around and shop for all kinds of hand-woven, one-of-a-kind carpets.

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