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40 Kong

40 Kong, the distinct addition to Dubai’s nightlife, is an outdoor rooftop cocktail lounge and restaurant, located on One Sheikh Zayed Road, the center of Dubai’s busiest business district.

Roosted on the 40th floor of the H Dubai, with stunning panoramic views of the city, the new bona fide height is the genuine escape destination that starts at sunset and serves into the wee hours, making it the ultimate late-night hangout.

40 Kong is a timeless melting pot of the 202 nationalities living in the world’s fastest growing metropolis, who wish to come together to enjoy this inspiring city’s skyline from a different height. It is set to exude a rich sense of design featuring distinctive landscaping, low lounge areas and high-bar seating with an uninterrupted access to the bright lights of the city.


Daily from 7 PM till 3 AM

Parking Facilities:

H Dubai valet parking available for 40 Kong customers from the back entrance of the hotel
Door Policy:
Entrance is only permitted to guests of 21 years of age and above.
Management requires proof of age at all times (original passport,
labor card or U.A.E. driver’s license).
1. Entrance is for guests with table reservations or listed on the
guest list – couples and mixed groups only.
2. Dress code is smart elegant:
– No shorts, t-shirts, sleeveless t-shirts or tracksuits
– No sport shoes of any description or open-toe footwear accepted
(open-toe footwear is subject to management discretion)
– No sports caps
3. Any disruptive behavior by guests will result in immediate
expulsion from the venue
4. No credit facilities are allowed unless prior approval has been
obtained by the management of 40 Kong.
5. Management reserves the right to refuse admission to any
person, for any reason; at any time


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