The world's largest artificial island in the shape of a palm tree.

The Palm Jumeirah is one of three planned islands called the Palm Islands (Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira). The Palm Jumeirah is the smallest of the three Palm Islands.The interesting fact about this man-made masterpieces is that The Palm Islands can be seen from space and the project took just four years to complete and each island required nearly 12 million pounds of rock and more than 53 million pounds of sand from the ocean floor to construct.
The Palm Jumeirah is the most unique of all mega real estate developments in Dubai, brimming with world class hotels and resorts, stunning beachfront villas, best in class dining establishments, marinas, water parks and shopping facilities.

The Palm Jumeirah also accommodates some of the best attractions, such as Atlantis Hotel that literally grace the Palm Jumeirahs crescent, Trump International a luxurious 300-room hotel at the trunk of the island, Oceana a beachfront residential and resort development, Kingdom of Sheba a unique project managed by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, and Exotica Resort & Spa.

You can sail around the Palm with your yacht, enjoy the sun and water sports on one of many spectacular beaches, have a romantic meal in one of the well-spoken restaurants or just walk around the island.

The Palm Jumeirah has become a unique destination that is now a major attraction for tourists.
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